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What is Whatsappyo?

Do you know about Whatsappyo or better known as yowhatsapp? If your answer is yes and then you are going to get more knowledge about it. However, if you don’t know about it then you are at the right place to know. Whatsappyo is a Whatsapp MOD that enhances the features of existing of Whatsapp. However, in this app, you can also have the options to modify existing features.

The message by the developers that its is a safe app

Moreover, this app is much like Whatsapp Plus, OG Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp. Using this app you can send fill without facing file size limitations. It also works faster than the existing Whatsapp.

Yowhatsapp Download and Installation

Well, the foremost thing is to download and install this amazing app. But the question is how to install and download it. You are right to think about it. Because surely you will go for searching in Google Playstore where you don’t find it. So, to install it in your devices you will have to download yowhatsapp latest version APK. To download APK click here. After you download, install in your device by permitting it to install from unknown sources. Once you have done with the installation, enjoy using its amazing features.

Is the app is legal or not?

Well, you must have thought about this question. The developers have developed this app unofficially and Whatsapp has reported this app. So, Google has removed it from Playstore. However, it is available on the website for downloading. However, the usage of the app is not an illegal issue for the users but for the developers. Therefore, go for yo WhatsApp download and use it.

What are the features of this Whatsappyo?

Using this app you can avail many features which existing WhatsApp does not offer. It gives you the best privacy offers whether anyone can see you while typing or not and same for recording audio. Following are the main features of it.

  • Enhanced privacy and protection
  • Various text fonts
  • New and amazing emojis
  • Sharing of various format files i.e APK
  • No limit barrier for the size of a file
  • Locking of the app through fingerprints and PIN

These are the features, you normally don’t see in the traditional WhatsApp. Therefore, download it and have fun.

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