White Palace Swat Pakistan, A lovely place to stay

White Palace Swat Pakistan is a beautiful hotel in the hill stations. It is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places for tourists to stay. The palace is made up of white marble that is why its name is White Palace. In 1940, the first king of Swat, Mianhul Abdul Wadud constructed this palace. However, now-a-days, it is working as a hotel for tourists. As the palace is in the outskirts of Swat hills, it was the Summer residence of the King. To know about the White Palace Swat Pakistan, click here.

Location of the White Palace

The palace is in Swat district of province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Swat is 180 kilometres away from the Capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. Moreover, the palace is 70 kilometres inside Swat. White palace is 7136 feet above the sea level. So, the temperature here is very moderate. In Summer, it remains up to 15-degree centigrade. However, In Winter season it drops to -10 degree centigrade.

White Palace Swat Pakistan
The beautiful night view of White Palace Swat Marghazar Pakistan

Facilities in the Palace turned Hotel

The palace has many luxurious rooms and a Royal Suite, the bedroom of King. Queen of England and Duke of Edinburgh also stayed in the Royal Suite for three days in 1961. It has twenty-four rooms with a beautiful view of the garden. There are two conference rooms also for party and functions. Earlier these rooms, King used to hold his meetings. There is also a balcony to enjoy the beautiful view of the hill station and greenery. Tourists love this place to stay in the Summer because of its natural beauty and lush green mountains.

Price to stay in White Palace Swat Pakistan

Stay in the white palace is not much expensive. The average rate for a one-night stay is approx $50 for single bed. Moreover, the price increases as you go to book the Royal Suite or function hall. It is a lovely place to stay, once you stay here you will never regret it.

The Whaite Palace Hotel Marghazar Swat is the masterpiece of ancient construction style and used to be King’s residence. So should never miss to stay here while visiting Pakistan.

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White Palace Swat Pakistan
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White Palace Swat Pakistan
White palace swat Pakistan or white palace hotel marghazar is one of the beautiful places to stay in Pakistan. The palace was the residence of King of swat
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