Xqc twitch! See French-Canadian Overwatch league player xQcOW!

xqc twitch félixWho is xqc twitch Overwatch player?

I saw xqc twitch on overbuff website and Félix Lengyel score was amazing! This guy was born in November 1995. Therefore maybe you remember Félix as Tank from Team Canada in 2017 and 2018. He now mostly plays and streams on Twitch.

Awards and achievements in his career:

  • Preceded by Gong “Miro” Jin-hyuk
  • Overwatch World Cup MVP2017
  • Succeeded by Bang “JJonak” Sung-hyeon


Xqc was banned from twitch!

Felix Lengyel a.k.a. xQc was banned from the streaming service after showing a pornographic image during a live stream. This video contains hardcore pornography with comedic illustrations covering up the racy content. Did you saw any pieces of information about that on his Twitter? Also, some people say yes and some no.  However, I didn’t find it. If you have more luck than me you can write me there or on some social network! I will really wait for your feedback!


News in Overwatch

Overwatch lunar new year 2019

New Lunar Year started in overwatch with new seasonal items, including the legendary skins Guan Yu Reinhardt, Huang Zhong Hanzo, Hong Gildong Tracer, Zhang Fei Torbjörn, Zhuge Liang Zenyatta,  and Lü Bu Reaper. Also, items from previous Lunar New Year events will be available to unlock. This year was also available “capture the flag” version of the Busan.

Negatives of Overwatch role queue

  • Queue times are long

In this case for DPS, you can wait for more than 15 minutes. So better choice, for now, is take Tank or Healer role.

  • Role queue decreases the creativity in team composition

2-2-2, but sometimes it is not fun when someone takes a role only for box or gold. Usually, we had better matches in the full DPS team, it’s right? So now is free space for treasure hunters.