Which Is The Best Crypto Card To Get?

What is the crypto card?

The crypto market has emerged as the most profitable to invest in. The crypto prices have increased much higher as compared to gold or any other such niche. However, a huge bunch of people was reluctant to invest in the currency crypto because of its non-usage as fiat currency. But this big issue has been solved with the introduction of crypto cards. They can now make crypto payments using these cards for routine shopping as well. However, the question is which is the best crypto card? Let’s explore it.

Crypto CardWhich is the best crypto card?

Well, many crypto exchanges have issued their debit as well credit cards. We have seen a Binance debit card and also a Coinbase visa card. But you might be in a double-minded state to get a debit card. If I would recommend you a card then go with a crypto.com card. This is one of the best, cheapest, and easy to get. Moreover, it has a very very low transaction fee. The below paragraphs will show why this is the best one in the market.

How to get a crypto.com visa card?

Well, if you have made up your mind to have a crypto ATM card then click this link. You will land on the home page of the site where you will have to sign up. Once you have done with the registration process then attach your crypto wallet with crypto.com. Initially, it will allow you to download a software card i.e mobile application. While within 15 days you will get the physical card.

Why should I for crypto.com?

Well, you might be thinking about why I am recommending this platform to get your crypto debit/credit card. The following are the reasons you should have gone for crypto.com.

  • First of all, you will get a free $25 reward upon registration
  • Pay over 360 million merchants with cryptocurrency
  • Cash withdrawal at all visa supported ATMs
  • Get up to 8% cashback
  • Avail 100% rebate on music and movies subscriptions

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